Chapter 1


Chapter 1 The Awakening

10,000 years ago, 2 Dragons were at war. Yin and the black Dragon of Chaos. Yin wished to protect Humanity, while the black dragon wanted to eradicate them. The black dragon's true name was forgotten throughout time. Yin then fell in battle during the Great War, so the black dragon started to purge all Life. But just as all hope was lost, 7 Craggiest Hero's rose up against the dragon. They managed to win the battle and trap him in 7 Chrystals and the Age of Dragons was over. The 7 Heroes were celebrated and so started the golden age of peace. The 7 heroes defeated threat after threat until miraculously they disappeared just as quickly as they came, so the world fell into chaos once more. Demons started to appear over the land. The west was lost to the demons. To this day it was never taken back and the war still carries on today.

Present Day------

Shen: “You don't really believe in that stuff, do you?”

Raiden closes the book with a smile on his face.

Raiden:  “But what if they do really exist, they could be the ones to save the world again”

Shen puts his hand on his friend's shoulder.

Shen: “Raiden, it's just a fairy-tale, Dragons are just made up creatures and so is everything in that story”

Raiden looks at the wall to the west.

Raiden: “Ok then why are we not allowed to adventure beyond the wall, it just doesn't make sense”

Shen: “Because the king says it’s unliveable and so to keep us safe it’s blocked off”

Raiden stands up.

Raiden: “But still none of this makes sense, there is something being kept from us and I promise I will find out, whatever it takes”

Shen stands up and grabs his sword and armour.

Shen:  “Come on, break is over”

Raiden lays back down.

Raiden:  “5 more minutes”

Out of nowhere Raiden gets punched in the gut.

Raiden: “Ugh, what was that for”

Shen: “Dude I said break is over”

Raiden lets out a sigh and stands up. A grin appears on Raiden's face.

Raiden: “Yes it's my turn to pick a job right!”

Shen:  “Fine but don't pick a stupid one again, the last one you picked got us in a lot of trouble”

They start walking. 

Raiden:  “I never pick stupid ones”

Shen:  “Ok then what do you call that last job you picked, huh”

Raiden:  “How was I supposed to know that she was royalty”

Shen:  “Maybe the fact that she had the royal crest and she is the king's daughter”

Raiden: “She flirted with me first, not to mention I kind of took an arrow for her”.  

Shen:  “We were meant to be protecting her”

Raiden: “I did remember”

2 weeks ago------

Raiden and the princes sat talking. Raiden quickly notices an object 

coming towards them at supersonic speeds. Just as the princess was about to slap him for not listening, Raiden catches an arrow that was aimed at her. One of her body guards exclaimed “that's not humanly possible”. 

Raiden:  “GET DOWN!!!”

Shen starts to put his gauntlets on and get ready to fight. Raiden then runs at the targets, dodging every attack they throw at him from arrows as well as magic. So starts the battle, Raiden reaches the first target and preps a very powerful attack just using his fists. With his right hand powering up, you can see an white aura around his hand. The punch hits! A mass of white power comes flying out of his fist. 

The princes: “what is that”

Shen:  “That's Raiden's secret move”

The princes:  “But what is that magic”

Shen:  “No idea, he was born with it”

So as Raiden finished up the people in front of him. Shen then starts to deal with the people to the left and right. With his Enhancement magic. Shen has the speed and skill with hand to hand combat unlike any other person. Shen is moving so fast that not even the eye can keep up. You see blur after blur and the enemies going flying back.

Raiden:  “I see the guy in charge”

He runs at him with a punch that is blocked by Shiro, the guy in charge of the attack.

Raiden: “What the hell! No one has ever been able to block that attack”

Shiro: “I am the one person who knows all magic, my name is Shiro”

Raiden: “I don't care”

Raiden fist collides with Shiros and a shockwave  pushes everyone away.

Shiro:  “I see you have some power in you”

Raiden Jumps back, then relaxes and shuts his eyes. The ground begins to shake stones and pebbles start to fly upwards! His arms start to become scales and his hair begins to float up.

Shiro:  “What's this, some sort of take over magic, no it wouldn't affect the body like that”

Shiro then gets ready for an attack.

Raiden's eyes open. His pupils have become lizard-like and white.

The Princes: “Can you feel that immense power coming of him”

Shen smiles.

Shen:  “Raiden is taking the fight seriously, Its about f-ing time”

A white aura begins to swell around Raiden’s body. Shiro starts to shake in his boots.

Shiro:  “That's not possible, that power is beyond human, beyond any race”

Then Shiro smiles.

Shiro: “I guess I will finally go full power as well”

Shiro starts to cast lots of different spells, while Raiden starts to walk towards him slowly. With every step he takes, Raiden's power grows stronger. His white aura bubbling like boiling water. Raiden then flies at Shiro with immense speed that breaks the sound barrier…