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DragonSoul Creation 

DragonSoul started being created on the 21st of August 2019. in went through a lot of revisions for it to finally become the book that it is now.

The idea first came around in 2017 but this was more to do with the world and the history of how it came to be. The story of Raiden didn't come until 2018. Some of the characters name have changed through out the years.

For example Shen was originally named Kevin and Raiden was more designed around the creator however Raiden's started to become his own person that differs from the creator.  Ika also went through a lot of changes at first she had no name as wasn't meant to be a main character.  There also wasn't originally gonna be the Dragon team.  However as more time went on the team was created. Shiro was originally gonna be apparat of the main team however things were adjusted a changed.

The original line up was Raiden, Kevin, Shiro and Taiki. Filling out the team as a Over powered Main character. The Quick assassin that would of been Kevin. The powerful knight Taiki and the master of magic Shiro. Raiden was originally just gonna have a magic called Soul Magic and would of been a normal human. but as time went on Raiden's backstory got changed and so did his race.

Dragonsoul Volume 1

Dragonsoul Volume 3

Dragonsoul Volume 2

Dragonsoul Volume 1 Limited Edition

Raiden's original concept art 


Pangea is a world that has a high amount of cosmic energy allowing use of magic. Pangea has made alot of races evolve to use magic for example Humans Elfs Giants and Dwarfs.

Races on the plannet are


There are lots of different types of magic in this world.








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